Follicular Unit Extraction

Follicular Unit Extraction

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a hair transplant technique in which a small round punch is used to extract units of hair follicles. Extraction made from an area of dense hair growth to an area of baldness. Each unit contains one to four hairs. Now FUE hair transplant system is ready and well treated in Nepal at Nepal Plastic Surgery Hospital. FUE treatment is very safe and very less likely to have side effect in you. It is world wide widely used for hair transplant solution so it is very popular method as well.

The Surgical Procedure

It is a highly popular hair transplant technique in which a small round punch is used to extract follicular units from a patient’s bald resistant donor areas one at a time. The specialized punch, less than 1mm in diameter, extracts hair from the scalp one at a time. Firstly, a small sharp punch scores the skin around a follicular unit after a small dull punch is used to go deeper into the soft tissue surrounding the follicular unit.

Hair Growth

Transplant hair will start grow in the same fashion as one’s native hair. Approximately three months after the procedure new hair begins to grow. Around six months, a patient should notice significant regrowth. The patient’s hair (native and transplanted) will continue to grow naturally after.

Follicular Unit Extraction Tools and Recent Innovations

There is no universally accepted FUE extraction tool and leading FUE hair restoration physicians differ in their opinions on the numerous available devices. While some leading physicians have adopted newer motorized devices such as the popular SAFE (Surgically Advanced Follicular Extraction) System developed by Dr. Jim Harris or the robotic ARTAS Hair Restoration System, some still prefer using manual extraction tools.

Advantages of FUE

  • Ideal for moustache or eyebrow replacement
  • Ideal for small sessions and for patients in early stages of hair loss
  • Ideal for patients who wish to shave their heads
  • Less invasive than strip surgery – with no visible scarring in the donor area

Please check one of our FUE Hair Transplant video

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